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Yesterday I sat and thought about How can I can take sewing on another level not regarding complexity but make it easier than I got an idea that Why don’t I start with a simple dress which has a Flat collar and pocket having sleeveless style for spring/summer as well Easter. So Today we are going to do Sew Flat Collar Dress with Pattern.

Required to Sew Flat Collar Dress:

  • Pattern
  • Fabric with cute print
  • Cotton Lace
  • Bias Tape
  • Matching Thread



Flat Collar Dress Pattern

Flat Collar Dress Pattern


The above pattern is for Bodice, Collar.
fig. shows shirt’s measurement of a front, back and Collar. Pocket has Lenght and Width: 4 Inch and 3 Inch respectively. This pattern is for 2T size as I made a custom pattern so you can also take a measurement of your girl by yourself.


Cutting Flat Collar Derss

Cutting Flat Collar Derss


Above Fig. Shows are Cutting Final look which and representing labels for cutting pieces.


Step 1 - Flat Collar Derss

Step 1 – Flat Collar Derss

Step 1, The first milestone you can achieve by doing these steps:

  1. Prepare Button Plucked with lace.
  2. Stitch Button plucked on front bodice.
Step 2 - Flat Collar Derss

Step 2 – Flat Collar Derss

Step 2, This the most important step as Collar formation will be done in this follow steps:

  1. Take one piece of a collar and apply Lace on its Hemline.
  2. Understitch already prepared Collar piece with another one.
  3. After Understitch fold it and do the outer seam.
  4. Now stitch Collar over front bodice, along with neckline.
Step 3 - Flat Collar Derss

Step 3 – Flat Collar Derss

Step 3, Front Piece Preparation step.

  1. As collar step done, Stitch bias tape along neckline. ( before this step sew shoulders)
  2. Now make pocket
  3. Stitch Pocket on Skirt.
  4. Gathers skirt on Bodice.
  5. Front completed.

For Back you all need to do is, Take back bodice piece and stitch gathers with a skirt. Then sew sides after that just sew bottom fold.

Full Tutorial “Sew Flat Collar Dress with Pattern”:

Enjoy the easiest summer dress called as Sew Flat Collar Dress with Pattern. I hope you guys like it. Cheers!!!!

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