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A new life is a sign of happiness in the world, and It must be treat as an event or an occasion. To celebrate that, give Newborn baby set as a gift to newborn baby of your friend or even yours. You don’t need to buy set from Online store or Outlets, but you can sew Layette set at home with list of benefits like less expensive, seam with care and love and most importantly you have taken out time for your busy schedule just to sewn set, these are the only some benefits for more see sewing benefits for kids cloths.

Newborn baby Set

Required to Sew Layette Set:

  • Custom Pattern
  • Organic Fabric with cute print
  • Cotton Lace
  • Soft Elastic for waistband
  • Matching Thread


newborn shirt Pattern

Newborn Shirt Pattern

Newborn shirt pocket pattern

Newborn Shirt Pocket Pattern



The above pattern is for Shirt and Pocket embed on the shirt part of a Newborn baby set.
fig.1 shows shirt’s measurement of a front, back and sleeves. Pocket has only two measurements i.e. Length and width. This pattern is for 0-3 size as I made a custom pattern so you can also take measurements of your kid as it can be the cutest clothing until one year.

Full Tutorial


layette set cutting

Layette Set Cutting


Consider image for reference number:

  1. Front Piece of shirt for newborn baby set with extra 2.5 width for button plucked margin, with 1 cm seam margin.
  2. Back Piece with 13.5 cm width.
  3. Sleeves with 11.5 cm half fold measurement for more detail consider pattern
  4. Pocket 6*7 cm is a rectangular shape, and have curve edges at the bottom and top two edges are sharp.


Newborn Set Basic Sewing Steps

Newborn Set Basic Sewing Steps

Consider Image numbering for detail, Sew Layette Set Steps:

  1. Sew pocket: Compile pocket first, sew lace around three corners and fold 1 cm top.
  2. Stitch pocket on Left side of the front piece.
  3. Take back piece and stitch first left shoulder with back shoulder.
  4. Second shoulder sewn.
  5. Attach Biastape from left neck along with back util right neck.
  6. Sew sleeves along with armhole with 1/4 cm.
  7. Sew side from bottom to sleeve cuffs.
  8. Lastly fold bottom seam.

Also read Layette set Pajama with basic pattern and sewing step.

This is how basic Baby layette set sewn, You doesn’t need any complicated pattern or something to understand it. For further discussion shoot me message here or follow us on on social accounts. Thanks!!! Chao!!!

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  1. Angela Ng Pan Hing says:

    Hi there, for some reason I am unable to see where to print to get the pattern.
    I would be grateful if you could help with the PDF pattern for me to print.
    Thanking you
    Kind regards

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