DIY simple strap dress - Tutorial

DIY simple strap dress - Tutorial


DIY SIMPLE STRAP DRESS is a summer special dress which can be easily sew, furthermore you can do more customization to make it more beautiful dress. Strap dress focused on light weight clothing for summer season and consist of bias tape and spaghetti steps.

This simple dress tutorial is mainly listed as DIY SIMPLE STRAP DRESS and presented by MomoCollections . You can follow for more simple dress styles and sewing work.

Sew Simple strap dress is a simple tutorial provided by Momo and you don’t require any pattern. A Tutorial for strap dress with all basic sewing techniques. This is no pattern tutorial easy to go just need to follow some basic steps and can ask any time You can also find spaghetti strap dress tutorial below.

Difference Between Simple Strap Dress and Spaghetti Strap Dress:

Simple Strap Dress is a simple dress used  in summer and spring season. It used Narrow bias tape which approximately 1 INCH wide.

Spaghetti Strap Dress is a summer fun dress with spaghetti( noodles) sort tape used to connect front and back bodice. Usually girls used in prom party dress just to make comfortable in party night.


DIY Spaghetti Strap Dress by MomoCollections

According to me both dresses types are favourites for summer and spring season. According to Seamstress point of view Straps are more easy sew, if you are new and planning to sew sleeveless dress pick up the first one tutorial. Spaghetti Straps are more popular in prom dresses and in seaside parties with maxi and tank tops, Seamstress needs to be more accurate while measuring strap width. So Tell me your thoughts what you choose this Summer????


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