Sew Easy Baby Wrap Dress with Pattern

Last month I was horribly busy and didn’t manage to wrote anything. But I am back now with quick and super easy dress in terms of sewing, style and design and also pattern is available. This is the brief description what this article is going to tell you. We are going to learn about Sew Easy Wrap Dress with Pattern with 16 Inch size, In my previous article I wrote about Ruffle Layered Skirt which also followed easy skirt steps with demonstration steps.

I also preferred easy sewing ways, a less complicated one because a proper Sew person loves to create pattern, self pattern, cutting, sewing and hand crafting. I always want my readers/sewers to do experiments with my patterns and sewing styles. I am in this profession since my childhood and I love it and what I conclude till date is Love your sewing style makes you star one day.

What You need For Sew Easy Wrap Dress:

  1. Cotton Fabric
  2. Black Lace
  3. Thread
  4. Pattern making Equipment


Below is wrap dress pattern which later describe in detail step by step. There are four pieces of pattern: skirt, front, back, sleeves.

Full Pattern for Wrap dress

Full Pattern for Wrap dress


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  1. Back piece, no zipper involved in it. Clear measurement view. Back bodice length is 8 Inch.
Wrap dress - back bodice Pattern

Wrap dress – back bodice Pattern

2.  Front Bodice

Wrap dress - front bodice Pattern

Wrap dress – front bodice Pattern

3. Wrap Dress Skirt Pattern

Wrap dress - skirt Pattern

Wrap dress – skirt Patter

4. Sleeves are more like cap sleeves. but more innovation is involved in it.

Wrap dress - sleeves Pattern

Wrap dress – sleeves Pattern


Cutting step is more easy as we have pattern ready already.

back-bodice-cutting front-wrap-piece

Wrap dress - sleeves Pattern

Wrap dress – sleeves Pattern

Wrap dress - skirt Pattern

Wrap dress – skirt Pattern



Three main steps which fills essence in the wrap dress: Sew lace around neck front bodice, Sew sleeves, and then skirt will be gathered with bodice.

Basic Easy Wrap Dress

Basic Easy Wrap Dress

Detail Sewing Steps:

  1. Front and Back piece view.
wrap dress - step1

wrap dress – step 1

2. Sew First Shoulder.

wrap dress - step2

3. First Shoulder view

wrap dress - step3

4. Second shoulder sew

wrap dress - step4

5. Front wrap lace sew.

wrap dress - step5
6. Sew around Neck.
wrap dress - step6

7. Sew Lace on hemline on the sleeves.
wrap dress - step7

8. Final stitching on lace.
wrap dress - step8

9. Bodice look without sleeves attached.
wrap dress - step9

10. Stitched sleeves with armhole, before that do gathered on armhole side.

wrap dress - step10

wrap dress - Bodice look

wrap dress – Bodice look

11. do gathered on waist of the skirt. wrap dress - step11

12.  Set Bodice and skirt together. wrap dress - step12

13.  Stitch Skirt and Bodice.

wrap dress - step13

14. Sew sides.

wrap dress - step14

These are the simplest sewing demonstration steps, hope fully you enjoy it alot.


Final version is below here:

Wrap Dress with Bloomer.

Wrap Dress with Bloomer.

I madly love this super simple dress and also try this one for me as well with customized measurements 🙂

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  1. SusanAnn Sheidy says:

    Where is the pattern? Am I to imagine it and it will appear?

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