DIY – How to Sew Turtleneck – A Polo neck

sew turtleneck shirt

Turtleneck shirts, tops and blouses are too comfortable for those who doesn’t like expose their neck. We have recently learn about pattern of Vintage Jumpsuit Dress, no I am presenting you guys a very simple DIY – How to Sew Turtleneck  – A Polo neck T-shirt which can be wear with jumpsuit, pants, skirts etc.

What you need for Turtleneck Ts:

  1.  Jersey Fabric.
  2.  Proper Measurement(custom according to your desired result).
  3.  Thread.
  4.  Size we are using is for 4 years with 22 INCH

Cutting Look:

There are only three piece after cutting:

  1.  Bodice
  2.  Sleeves
  3.  Collar
Final Cutting Look- Turtleneck

Final Cutting Look- Turtleneck


Turtleneck- Sewing Step:

Sew shoulders and then do single seam on collar edge. Below given image explaining that how to sew turtleneck in simple step:


DIY Turtleneck Collar

    DIY Turtleneck Collar


  1. Represents the 14 inch length collar with already done side seams.
  2. Now assume A and B end point( in length), fold them and make seam inside that fold.
  3. This image completing the step 2
  4. Set both hemlines on each other considering point A and B meeting with each other.
  5. Take shoulder stitched shirt and put prepared collar in it.
  6. The step is completing step 5.
  7. Set Neck hemline with collar edge.

A very simple and steps to elaborate simple turtleneck collar . You can find video here which has full tutorial.

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Thanks!! Chao!!!



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