How to Sew Fitted Bedsheet with Ruffles or Bedskirt

Sew Fitted Sheet with Bedskirt

Sew Fitted Sheet with Bedskirt


I have recently find a work around about boring bedsheet and what I called it as Fitted Bedsheet with Ruffles or Bedskirt. I love to make my own sheet designs with pleats, fitted, gathered etc from flat sheet this is my extra crafty girl work. Recently I have got a new Idea that I should try Flat sheet + Skirt in one sheet, you can consider me bit lazy in terms of managing two sheets at once 😉 So what I called it Sew Fitted Bedsheet with Ruffles.

I am going to share this work here, How I did it in brief words. Firstly I take the measurement of my bed:
Wide, Long, Height (You need to do same)
I am going to tell you according to my bed measurement so assume the given measurement and map it on your bed. After taking measurement there are only piece, one for fitted sheet and other one is skirt. Now let start with measurements.


Material we used :

  • Sewing Machine
  • Bed (for Measurement)
  • Fabric(cotton)
  • Measurement Tape
  • Thread


The most easiest way to start something is to measurement. There are some standard available for bedsheet measurement ( Find Authentic Bedding) but best is to take your own measurement as it can be vary. My bed measurement is as follows:


Our Bed is 48 INCH wide and 72 INCH Long and has 12 Inch in height from the floor. (take your bed measurement)


As per my bed, I  have take 60 Inch Width and 84 Inch in Length of Fabric because we need 6 Inch for Fitted area. Now  I am starting with elaboration.


Architecture of fitted bedsheet

Architecture of fitted bedsheet

The above figure is to explain architecture used behind fitted sheet mechanism. 5.5 Inch is going to be sew and become corner for fitted sheet.

Tip: Point A and B will be main folding points, fold them or join them and sew at that line.

How I do it:

  1. I have took a piece of fabric with above mentioned size. then Measure it with scale.
fitted bedsheet corner measurement

Fitted Bedsheet Corner Measurement

2. Mark it with Chalk and take that piece out.



3.  Sew Point A and B and result will look like this.

Corner Sewing

Corner Sewing

4. How Corner looks like after completion.

Fitted Sheet Corner Look

Fitted Sheet Corner Look


Our bed height from the floor measured as 12 Inch in total. 6 inch has served by fitted sheet corner and 6 Inch Ruffles/bedskirt used ( Final end product size). Now Let me explain you more in detail.

As I mentioned above 6 inch is used for corner (fitted area) and 8 inch height Fabric we need to create ruffle because after seam it become 6 inch.
Hence, 6 inch of fitted area and 6 inch of ruffle make the height of the bed which is 12 inch.
so, fitted area + ruffle = bed height
     6 inch + 6 inch = 12 inch

No when I get through how much length should ruffle have, NEXT QUESTION will be how much gathered i need to put it (how much inch i need fabric). Honestly i totally depends on you how much gathered skirt you want but standard would be this calculation:

Note: This calculation is perform according to my bed size:

width of bed*2 + hieght of bed*2 =  Ruffle for Bedsheet

48*2 + 72*2 = 240 Inch (Ruffle for Bedsheet)

Sew Ruffles

Sew Ruffles

Take one corner hemline and start sewing on it. and the final product will be all good for you. I have also attached Video for it:

If you have any query please comment. See you 🙂


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