How to Resize Pajama Pants

Short Story of Resize Pajama Pants

Last week I have a day free so I started with clean up mission in the House. Sudden I realize that I have so much stuff that can be categorize as Ancient art of the world (kidding) So I made my all mess dump into cotton boxes. I realized that something unusual I have find out. It was my PJ which was given by my Aunt, I hardly wear them as if given by my cruel enemy  ( My aunt 😀 ).  The point is that why should I waste that pink floral Pj so I have decided to Re-Create it and give present to my younger sister. Nothing is useless in my point of view that’s why I’d dump everything in cotton boxes. The summary of all thing is that I am going to Resize Pajama Pants.

How Old Pajama looks like?

It has 44 Inch Length and Now I am converted into 36 Inch.

Old Pajama Pant

Old Pajama Pant

What I am going to do?

Resize Pajama

Resize Pajama

How I am going to do this? 

I will get rid of upper part(waistband area), and make it concrete waistband without passing tape. Take a PJ of 36” and do cutting according to it. Points of work given below:

Steps to Resize Pajama Pant:

Step 1:  Lay down old PJ and then use desire size PJ (in my case 36”). For convenience mark points by chalk and do cutting. Use medium Scissor.

Use Desire Size Pajama as Pattern

Use Desire Size Pajama as Pattern

Step 2: Now we need some important things here.

  1. A Thread, try to find same color thread in your old thread box. I have found pink one.


2. Use Elastic for tighten Waistband (I like it n a fixed way)


3. A final Cutting Piece of 36 INCH


Step 3: Start Sewing

  1. First Sew Hipline of both front and back and it looks like below:
Hipline Seam Resize Pajama

Hipline Seam Resize Pajama

2. Sew Inseam from one leg bottom to other bottom.

3. Sew Waistband with Elastic. First seam along waistband hemline with Elastic fold support it.

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4. Fold Waist band in final step and fold it and sew at end.

Elastic Waistband Stitching

Elastic Waistband Stitching

Done!!! I am happy with output. Nothing gonna waist.

Final Output After Resized

Final Output After Resized


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