How to make Red Gingham Shirt

How to make Red Gingham Shirt

How to make Red Gingham Shirt


This article focuses on Basic Pattern Making of Red Gingham Shirt. How to make Red Gingham Shirt with basic pattern of 6 year old size and also explanation of basic sewing explanation until completion. Shirts are worn by any age of people so this article is common for all, if you guys have sewing skills already then you will grab the idea and you can also request the pattern in comments. You Sew gingham shirt no pattern needed because it made out from custom pattern (Self created pattern).


  • Color: Red (To make a Boy Shirt first requirement is Fabric. Choose any Vibrant color for base color and then choose lighter contrast for gingham
  • Design: Applique look gingham shirt
  • Good Interface by: Attach pocket to it with same gingham fabric
  • Size: 20 INCH
  • Age: 6 year
  • Guideline: Select design for shirt (applique look), and draw rough sketch or pattern of shirt.


Prepare pattern according to size of 6 year old boy of length 20 INCH. Below points describes part of Shirt:

  • Length: 20 INCH
  • Width: 11 INCH


  • Length: 5 INCH
  • Width: 4 INCH

Arm Hole

  • Size: 4.5 INCH


  • Width: 11.5 INCH



Shirt has five parts i.e: Front, Back, sleeves, collar and pocket. Before we start let me describe you shirt in detail:

The front part will be 1 INCH short as compare to back part because back it is universally defined. Sleeves has 5 INCH length and 4 INCH width, Pocket has 4 INCH length and 2 ½ INCH width, Collar has 11 INCH width.


  • Below is Shirt main front body part because of deep neck cutting as elaborate in picture.
Shirt Basic Pattern

Shirt Basic Pattern

  • Gingham design, the main essence of this shirt view.



  • Pocket cutting view




  1. First SEW shoulder of front and back.
  2. Ready buttoned placket
  3. Now sew Pocket.
  4. Ready collar with help of collar tape (made custom one or buy from store).
  5. Now sew sleeve which already compiled.
  6. lastly Sew sides and hemline.

Shirt Pocket Final Look



Design View After Sewing


Red Gingham Shirt

Red Gingham Shirt

Thank you for joining us, We will be back with more exciting things. Stay Tuned and visit us!!! Cheers!!

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