How to Sew Floral Pomp Baby Frock

How to Sew Floral Pomp Baby Frock

How to Sew Floral Pomp Baby Frock

How to Sew Floral Pomp Baby Frock with basic pattern of 1 year size and also explanation of basic sewing steps until completion. This Frock design includes:

  • Collar Type: Peter Pan Collar
  • Sleeves Type: Puff Sleeves
  • Pocket : Half Circular(Half Diameter) Pocket located at skirt


Frock Requirement:

  • Color: Pink (To make a baby frock first requirement is Fabric. Choose any baby color (see baby color article) which have small prints, fabric must be 100% cotton and soft.)
  • Design: Pomp Design Frock
  • Good Interface by: To decorate frock more beautifully use pure white cotton lace of size ¾ INCH wide with cut design on one side as it enhance look of frock.
  • Size: 16 INCH
  • Age: 1 year
  • Guideline: Select design for frock, and draw rough sketch or pattern of frock.


Prepare pattern according to size of 12 months old girl of length 16 INCH. Below points describes part of Sew Floral Pomp Baby Frock:

  • Body of Frock(sequined bodice):
    Length: 8.5 INCH
    Width: 8 INCH
  • Hem (Mesh Skirt/Volume):
    Length: 8.5 INCH
    Width: 16 INCH
  • Puff Sleeves: 
    Length: 3 INCH
    Width: 4 INCH
  • Arm Hole
    Size: 3.5 INCH
  • Peter Pan Collar
    Depth of Collar: 2.5 INCH
    Length: 4.5 INCH
    Width: 2 INCH

Basic Pattern – Floral Pomp Baby Frock

In Detail:

Pomp baby frock has five parts, sleeves, collar and pocket. Pink color small flower print Frock with cotton fabric choose to accomplish this pomp baby dress. Before we start let me describe you frock in detail:

The sequined bodice front part will be 1 INCH short as compare to back part because back will have zip. Frock Mesh Skirt width or volume will be doubled to bodice width, for example: Bodice had 8 INCH wide so Skirt width will be 16 INCH wide. Sleeves has 3.5 INCH length and 7 INCH width, Pocket has 2 ½ INCH length and 2 ½ INCH width, Collar has 5 INCH length and 2 INCH width.



This is the basic pattern for pomp baby frock with above mentioned measurement of different parts of frock i.e.: Collar, Pocket, Zip, Sleeves, upper body, mesh Skirt/Volume and cotton lace. Now We move to next part that is Sewing.

  • Every Image defining some important and tricky step here
skirt making part

Skirt Making Part

Skirt image refers Volume/skirt making where cotton lace used to decorate or style pocket and on seam line machine smoking applied.

Puff sleeves

Puff sleeves

For Puff sleeves machine smoking have used, smoking gives on top and joint of arm hole and shoulder and to make frock more stylish smoking also applied to sleeves hemline.


collar lace

collar lace

For collar lace used on inner side.

sewing lace on hemline

Sewing Lace on Hemline

After sewing lace on hemline of collar, other piece of collar will be seam and turnover collar which looks like this:

Final Collar

Final Collar

Seam all parts of frock which makes frock look like this. Cool and casual wearing pomp frock ready.

Final Look “Sew Floral Pomp Baby Frock”:

Floral Pomp Baby Frock

Floral Pomp Baby Frock



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